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  1. Repairs and maintenance: We offer repair and maintenance services for various types of marine vessels, including boats, yachts, and ships. We handle engine repairs, electrical systems, plumbing, hull maintenance, and other necessary repairs.
  2. Equipment installation: Ecotech Marine service providers can assist with the installation of various marine equipment, such as navigation systems, communication devices, safety equipment, and entertainment systems.
  3.  Surveys and inspections: We conduct surveys and inspections of vessels to assess their condition, compliance with safety regulations, and overall seaworthiness. Our surveys can be performed for both commercial and recreational vessels. 
  4. Consultancy: Our service  offer consultancy services to individuals or businesses in the marine industry, include advice on vessel purchase, marine regulations, safety standards, and other related topics. 
  5. Salvage and towing services: In the event of accidents, breakdowns, or emergencies at sea, We can provide salvage and towing services to recover vessels and transport to safety. 
  6. Transportation: We offer transportation services for goods or passengers, either through chartering vessels or managing logistics for marine transport operations.