7 series 3 electrode electrochemical type H2S sensor 7HH 7H/H

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Detection gas: hydrogen sulfide

General detection range: 0-50ppm

Maximum overload: 500ppm

Life expectancy: 2 years in air

Output signal: 1.70 ± 0.30 μA/ PPM

Resolution: 0.1 PPM

Temperature range: -40°C– +50°C

Pressure range: atmospheric ± 10%

T90 reaction time: ≤30 seconds

Relative humidity range: 15 — 90% RH(non-condensing)

Typical baseline range (pure air): -0.2 to +0.4 PPM

Maximum zero offset (+20°C to +40°C): 0.1ppm

Long-term output drift: < 2% per month

Recommended load resistance: 10 ω

Bias voltage: no

Repeat linearity: 1%

Output linearity: linearity

Case color: dark blue

Weight: 12g

Position sensitivity: None